Sudden toothache? A guide to emergency dentistry from our dentist


It is rarely a good omen when you wake up at 2 am and have a throbbing sensation under one of your teeth.

And, if you are like most people, you will know that this means it is time to call for help from an emergency dental team.

Yet there are several emergency dental situations that either do not cause discomfort or do not prompt action due to a lack of aesthetic impact. In this article, our dental team will guide you through them to help you identify when you need emergency care.

At Jes Dental Studio, our emergency dentist in Chislehurst will always aim to see emergency cases as soon as possible to help alleviate discomfort and get you back on track. We pride ourselves on our empathy towards patients who are in discomfort and will always aim to make your trip to see us as comfortable as possible.

So, what are some of the key signs that you need to see our emergency dentist in Chislehurst?

Swelling in the mouth or face

If you have swelling in your mouth or notice swelling to one side of your face, that is not good!

In this situation, you should contact our emergency dentist in Chislehurst, as such swelling (even if it isn’t hurting) could point to an abscess or an impacted tooth.

Knocked-out tooth

It is more common to chip a tooth than to knock it out completely, but in this case, let’s assume there has been a blunt-force trauma, and now, you are holding your tooth, root and all, in your hand.

If the tooth is a permanent tooth, try to place it back into the socket and gently bite down on a piece of gauze to keep it in place. If reinserting the tooth is not possible, place your tooth in a container of milk or saliva. Do not place it in water, as this can cause the nerve or the pulp to die. And then, of course, call our team and explain the situation; this is a true emergency, and we will aim to fit you in within the next 2 hours.

Broken or chipped tooth

Breaking or chipping a tooth is more common than you think, and so many people will brush it off, especially if it is not uncomfortable.

But any damage to a tooth will need to be assessed by our team, as left unchecked, it can cause decay or bacteria to get access to the dentine and the nerve, which can lead to an abscess. So, even if the crack or chip isn’t hurting, you will need to see our team promptly.

Bleeding from the mouth

If you have recently had trauma to your face or have had a tooth extracted, there is likely to be some blood coming out of your mouth. This will usually resolve itself, but if it doesn’t, and the flow is constant after 20 minutes of applying pressure with a clean gauze, you will need to make an emergency appointment. Our team will assess the reason for the consistent bleeding and will aim to offer to stitch or glue the area to prevent further blood loss.