Dental education and direction, dentist in Chislehurst!


Dental retention starts with preventive measures, and as your dentist in Chislehurst, we will guide and help you to take care of your teeth. Regard us as your oral hygiene mentors and your dental service team. We are all working to achieve the same goal of maintaining your teeth and gums.

An effective dental routine will prevent tooth decay and sensitive teeth. There is nothing more debilitating than toothache, which can make the bravest and strongest feel miserable. We will spend a lot of time with you getting to know and understand you so that we can provide you with treatment that suits you precisely. Even new patients are allocated full one-hour appointments to allow us to get to know each other.

Your smile is your secret weapon!

Your smile is like a secret weapon that can help you achieve many things in life. A smile can melt even the hardest of hearts, and it is all done by displaying your teeth. Yes, you use your teeth to chew your food, but your teeth are so much more. Being able to produce a radiant, confident smile should be something that we can all do. Sadly that is not the case, and because of a variety of dental problems, some people feel too self-conscious to smile. As your dentist in Chislehurst, we will provide relevant treatments to make you confident enough to display your happiness with a smile.

A range of treatments to bring a smile to your face

At Jes Dental Studio, we have a close-knit team of clinicians who can help you to achieve and maintain oral health. All we ask is that you play your part by following our advice, brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day and visiting us every six months.

If you have crooked teeth or an overcrowded dental arch, we can give you a straight, even smile using the latest equipment, skills and techniques. If you play contact sports, we will design an effective and comfortable mouthguard to protect your teeth. Cracked or chipped teeth can be quickly and easily repaired by our team of highly experienced clinicians using the latest tooth-coloured porcelain veneers.

Even tooth whitening, which may seem routine, can cause gum irritation and damage if not done correctly. Our team will examine your teeth and first identify the cause; some medical conditions can manifest through certain identifying dental stains. If there is any serious medical condition, we will advise you to contact your GP. We will then discuss the degree of whiteness that you want. The next step is to create a custom-made tray that fits over your teeth, ensuring that your gums are not affected. While every effort will be made to preserve your teeth, if you are unfortunate enough to lose teeth, we have a range of treatments that can help you restore your smile and bite.

In addition to crowns, bridges and dentures, we are also able to offer dental implants. Dental implants can mimic your natural teeth using a crown fitted to a post, which can be inserted into your gum. The procedure provides a more permanent and stable solution, which requires the same maintenance as your natural teeth. Brushing and flossing are conducted in the same way as you do for your natural teeth.

Reveal that smile

Our dentist in Chislehurst is here to reveal that smile that can open doors for you to achieve your employment and romantic ambitions. Our team of experienced, passionate dental clinicians are ready to help you achieve your aspirations. Modern dentistry has given us the tools to be your dentist for all dental reasons!