Oral health checks at the dentist in Chislehurst – why are they essential


It is generally accepted that everyone wants a beautiful smile and strong and healthy teeth. But it is usually only those adults who take a proactive approach to their oral health that benefit from a happy and healthy smile.

This proactive approach comprises attitudes and behaviours made by patients. These behaviours work in harmony with the professional dental interventions put in place by a dentist in Chislehurst.

Patients cannot maintain good oral health on their own in the long term without a dentist in Chislehurst carrying out routine assessments on the state of teeth and gums. An oral health check carried out by a suitably qualified dentist in Chislehurst is the only reliable way to ascertain just how healthy your mouth really is.

At Jes Dental Studio, our dentist is well-experienced in conducting oral examinations to identify worrying symptoms that point to a dental problem developing down the line. What patients must know about dental problems is that they often start out as minor issues; issues that can be easily treated with proper intervention to prevent them from escalating.

If you are avoiding a dental check-up because you are afraid of what it will cost, then know that any dental problem that advances to later stages because you left it undiagnosed and untreated will only cost far more in the future to treat.

What are oral health checks?

We encourage our patients – both adults and children – to visit us at least every six months to have their teeth and gums examined. Some patients with good oral health and excellent oral hygiene habits may be able to get away with dental check-ups once a year.

What do we do at this appointment? We conduct a physical examination of teeth and gums to identify potential problems. Dentists are best placed to carry out these physical examinations. We have the knowledge, experience, skills and equipment to conduct a reliable assessment.

The truth of the matter is that dental problems do not go away on their own; they only get bigger and more serious the longer you go without proper professional care. And as is typical with major dental problems, the complexities and complications involved mean more frequent visits to the dentist and longer treatment plans.

As part of having an in-depth look at your mouth, we may decide to have x-ray images taken. These x-ray images are vital to give us a closer look at the condition of the internal structures of your mouth, which are not visible to the naked eye.

Once we have carried out the physical oral exam and have identified any problem, we will discuss the nature of the problem with you and suggest possible dental interventions that will restore your dental health and function. We will work with you to map out a tailored approach to your treatment plan.

Leaving poor oral health issues to fester puts your general health and well-being at risk. Patients are always surprised to learn that what happens in the mouth impacts the life-sustaining system deep within the body. Gum disease, for example, has a well-researched body of evidence linking oral disease to potentially fatal medical conditions like cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Contact us today at Jes Dental Studio to schedule a professional dental examination and keep your mouth, heart and lungs happy.