The need to engage with a dentist in Chislehurst


Your oral health and hygiene needs will always need your attention every day if you are to enjoy the best possible standard of oral health, and this is something many of us achieve by brushing our teeth twice a day as recommended by dental professionals. But let’s be honest with ourselves, we all feel that there are times in our lives when we know we would benefit from the help and intervention that can only be provided by a professional, this is nothing to be ashamed of and maybe should be encouraged.

While you may stick to having a good oral cleaning routine and this is something that may help to keep common oral health issues at bay, there are always times when the unforeseen happens and we may need to seek a little extra help. This makes it important that we are all aware of where we can go to access the help we need and that we are all registered with a dentist in Chislehurst.

At Jes Dental Studio we want all our patients to have a full understanding of the ways we can help them and how easy it is for them to access any advice, guidance and help that they may need. Our aim is to be an approachable dental practice that will go that extra mile to help our patients to take care of their teeth and gums, as well as to achieve the best possible oral hygiene standards.

Your patient experience

If we want you to engage with the dentist in Chislehurst on a regular basis then we need to take responsibility for ensuring that you receive a patient experience that matches your expectation, as you have the right to expect high standards when accessing any professional medical service.

When you enter our practice you will be greeted by our professional reception staff who will always seek to treat you with dignity and respect, they will also seek to create the correct welcome for you from the beginning of your visit to the practice. You will also find yourself in a clean, warm, and comfortable environment wherever you go within our practice building.

If you are a nervous patient you will be given the time you need to begin to feel calm about your visit, none of our staff will try to rush you and you will never feel forced to do anything you are not totally comfortable with at our practice.

The treatment provider who listens

As a patient of our practice, we want to hear your thoughts about your treatment, by being the treatment provider who listens to their patients we have built up a strong sense of trust from many of our patients.  This allows for the open and frank exchange of views about treatment that often helps to create confidence in the mind of the patient, as it is only by listening can we provide treatments and services that will help the patient achieve their hope and desires for their oral health and hygiene standards.

If you are looking for a dentist in Chislehurst that will treat you as the individual that you are then we invite you to find out how we can help you, we are only a phone call away and are always willing to listen to what your thoughts are about your oral health needs.

We’re a modern practice committed to ensuring that you remember your experience for the high quality of dentistry and outstanding patient care.