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Night Guards

Night Guards
in Chislehurst

Do you frequently wake up with a headache, sore mouth, or even tooth pain? Up to 15% of adults in the UK experience bruxism, or tooth grinding, which you may be experiencing. A dental bite guard, which you wear while you sleep to stop your teeth from grinding, is the greatest way to counteract the effects of this.

We frequently have to assist our patients with their grinding-teeth problems. We contribute to the creation of perfectly-fitting bite guards that are designed to be worn as comfortably as possible while you sleep. Although wearing a bite guard at night may take some getting used to, it is always worth it to protect your teeth from potential long-term harm.

Bruxism: What is it?

A toothache upon awakening can indicate bruxism.

A frequent issue called bruxism results in excessive jaw clenching or teeth grinding. We frequently encounter it at Jes Dental Studio; it affects between 8 and 31% of the general population. It can result in extreme tooth wear, hypersensitivity, sore jaws, migraines, and potentially serious cosmetic harm to your smile. Although they do it when you're sleeping, its effects develop over years of grinding, resulting in irreversible damage that is easily avoidable.

Yes, awake bruxism does happen, and did you know that women are more likely to experience it? but sleep bruxism affects both men and women equally.

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